Lloytron understands the needs for Hotels, Guest Houses, and Holiday Apartments etc. that requires higher standard of safety.

The Hotel Pro range has been especially designed to meet the tough rigours of frequent user changes and to ensure maximum safety for both the guests and the establishment.

Our range of kettles comes with boil dry safety feature and a sight window to indicate water level that are easy to clean and housekeeper friendly.

The hairdryer features a stylish and contemporary design that is easy to install with a simple plug. It includes a safety trigger on/off function, which helps prevent users from accidentally leaving it switched on after leaving the room, thus reducing the risk of fire. Simple instructions are also conveniently printed on the side of the unit for users to refer to.

Our full-featured steam iron comes equipped with an extra-long tangle-free cord for added convenience. In addition, it boasts an integral hotel auto-off safety timer that is triggered after 30 seconds when the iron is horizontal and after 8 minutes when positioned vertically. This ensures that the property remains safe from damage and also helps to reduce electricity costs.

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